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Virtual Senior Showcase

Virtual Senior Showcase

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations traditionally hosts a Senior Showcase celebrating the work of our graduating seniors. In the simplest of terms, the event is a reverse job fair. Professionals will wander the event space and approach students to browse the work, say hello, and take away business cards and resumes.

When the pandemic hit, the team pivoted to move what would be in-person onto an online portfolio website in less than two months. With 125+ student submissions to our site, graduating seniors have a place to showcase their work and their personality indefinitely. Our campaign included emails to students and professionals, social media and a live website.

Check out the site here.

Interactive & Web Design, Advertising & Marketing

Velo (formerly Corvid) by Wix, G Suite

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Art Direction: Morganne Hodgson, Charlie Dawes, Malia Hee 

Copywriters: Daniel Wallace, Jessica Heydlauf 

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