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Parametric Screen Wall

Parametric Screen Wall

Analysis of a Senita (Pachycereus schottii):

The Pachycereus schottii is the foundation for the screen wall. The process started with finding points on various parts of the cactus, and using the formula for the golden ratio — (a+b)/a — and seeing which will be closest to phi (Φ). Each sheet of Vellum, used for the modules, had to be 6 inches on one side. Using the ratio that was closest to phi, I then found the width of the sheet.


25 modules, each made from a 4.3125" x 6" piece of cut and folded Vellum paper. Each element of the screen wall is comprised of a repetition of one module. Every module was geometrically cut and folded to represent the data from the Senita. The shape combines the angles of the trunk and sharpness of the spines with the two-dimensional limitations of paper.

Architecture, Fine Art

Field observations and measurement, Mathematical principals, Hand-cut Bristol Board

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