Hello! I'm Morganne.

The extra "n" and "e" are silent but my parents thought that giving me the Welsh spelling would honor our heritage (or just look cool on paper).

Via zoom, I graduated this May from Temple University with a bachelor's degree in Advertising.


Despite the derailing of all regularly scheduled programming, I developed our UX and UI for our department's Senior Showcase. Our original plans for an in-person showcase have been turned into creating a digital experience for students and advertising professionals.

In 2018, I started out as a graphic design intern for a start-up, Endeavor Athletic. In October 2019, I moved on to the role of a graphic designer for Temple's Klein College where I developed creative assets for internal and external distribution. 

Before I picked up on product photography, working for brands such as Endeavor Athletic and Sip-n-Glo, I was a landscape photographer. You can check out my photography and fine art here


Want to learn more about my experience and skills? You can read my resumeemail me, or book a chat through Calendly


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